Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2019

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On December 12th 2019, we will test our endurance, spirit and friendship, as we pit ourselves against the Atlantic Ocean. Covering 3000 miles from La Gomera to Antigua, this is the world’s toughest rowing race. Crews will test the limit of their physical and mental strength; to achieve something unthinkable, rowing unaided across the Atlantic ocean. The race begins in early December, where teams will launch to spend up to 40 nights at the mercy of the sea. So difficult is the task, that more people have been into space or climbed Everest than have rowed the Atlantic. Ocean rowing is, as John Fairfax described, ‘a battle with nature, primitiv and raw’.

“More people have climbed Everest or been to Space

than have rowed the Atlantic”

The Route

From San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda, the race covers 3,000 Miles (4,800 kms) across the Atlantic Ocean. Known as the Mid-Atlantic Route, the teams will aim to take advantage of the trade winds – a persistent wind blowing from East to West across the Atlantic, on the northern side of the Equator.

Fun Facts

FAQ's about the challenge

2 Hours on, 2 Hours off. 24/7

The aim is to keep the boat moving. Only stopping for 1 hour a week to clean the boat, the team will row in 2 hour shifts, followed by a 2 hour eating and sleeping break, continuously around the clock.


The record for rowing the Atlantic is just over 29 days, set two years ago in our actual boat. Aware this means we cant use our equipment as an excuse, we are hoping to finish within 40 days but this is largely weather dependent.

The Bucket

The 4 man team will be self sufficient relying on a watermaker to provide water for drinking, washing and re-hydrating their food. A bucket be used as the on-board toilet!

50ft Swells

Mental and physical endurance will be at breaking point as they battle sleep deprivation, hurricane strength winds and 50ft swells. The experience will result in an achievement that will never be forgotten.

6,000 Calories

Each team member will need to eat over 6,000 calories a day to maintain the energy levels required to row 12 hours a day. Food consists of hi-calorific dehydrated meals designed for purpose, not taste.

Atlantic Campaigns Video

2017/2018 Race Promo

2017/18 Race Promo