Launch Day

We are finally here. Very excited to finally launch our website, social media and fundraising platforms to the public, after what seems like an age. We have been talking about this for so long now that it seems almost old news to us, however most of our friends and wider family still don’t know much about the challenge, so it’s a pleasure to be able to shout about it at last. Ed and Jon even decided to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate the launch and really shout about it!

It’s been hard work to get the website, social media accounts, sponsorship deck, insurance, bank accounts (the list goes on) set up, however the truth is that the hard work hasn’t even started yet! Now we need to start approaching companies to work with us on the challenge, not to mention the small task of physically preparing for the row. Ewan has been leading the way on that front with a level of commitment not seen since his school U16 Rugby B team days, leaving the rest of us to play catch up.

The Australian contingent are planning on joining a local rowing club for an intensive 10 week course to kick start the training. As we edge into autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, the 6am starts down by the water’s edge will become less appealing for Jon and Ed as each week goes on. Ewan and James, based in Singapore and London respectively, are focusing on indoor pursuits for the time being. At some point over the next 18 months we will all need to try and be in the same country for some training!

For now however, the immediate focus is to garner as much publicity as we can to raise awareness for the challenge. We need to raise a lot of money to even get us to the start line, before we then concentrate on raising as much as we can for our charities. If you think your company might be interested in partnering with us then please get in touch, we would love to speak to them!

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