The Team

We are Atlantic Ambition. 4 school friends who have maintained our friendships whilst living in opposite hemisphere’s, brought together by the chance achieve something extraordinary whilst taking the opportunity help protect our environment.

Ewan Bell


Ewan was attracted to the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge by its promise to test his physical and mental resolve to the limit. As an added bonus it also presents a valid reason to eat 10,000 calories per day. A fiercely competitive athlete, Ewan was crowned district champion three years in a row in the hurdles. He also played county hockey for Worcestershire and his University team, as well as representing his school in Rugby, Football, Hockey and Athletics. He recently relocated back to London after four years working in digital advertising in Hong Kong and Singapore to train with James. He comes from a long line of accomplished sailors, with his parents having previously sailed across the Atlantic themselves. He now intends to go one better with the team and cross the Atlantic powered entirely by their own steam.



As a two time British National Rowing Champion, Ed will be leading the team from the front as the crew member with the most experience behind the oars. Having developed a profound respect for the ocean since moving to Australia in 2014, Ed saw the opportunity to cross the Atlantic unassisted as too good to miss. Ed works for a digital advertising company in Sydney, and is looking forward to both the physical and mental challenge of the race, as well as the preparation needed to simply get to the start line, which is likely to be almost as tough as the race itself.



Having hung up his rugby boots after playing a high level in both England and Australia, James is looking forward to a fresh challenge in which he can quench his competitive nature, whilst doing something much more important by helping protect the worlds water courses. Spending summer holidays surfing (body boarding) down in Cornwall and on his uncles boat down in Swanage, James has a strong affection for the sea and knows how much joy it brings to others. By rowing the Atlantic, James is determined to raise money and awareness for two charities doing something about the problem and help prevent the oceans of the world drowning in our own waste. From their school days together he knows there is a strong competitive nature instilled within the crew and is confident that they will be pushing for the front in their campaign.



When Jon discovered that more people had been into space than had rowed the Atlantic, there was no turning back. Not having the aptitude for NASA, this allows him to attempt a challenge very few have completed before him. Jon grew up playing football and cricket. However, he always harbored more adventurous ambitions. This led him to hitchhike from London to North Africa, in aid of a local children’s orphanage. Jon then took on his grandest challenge to date: driving 10,000 miles in a small hatchback from London to Mongolia. The journey took over 6 weeks, traveling through 16 countries and spending countless hours at the wheel – perhaps a small taster of what life will be like for a month in the seat of the boat! Two further expeditions have tested his capacity for physical endurance. A 100 mile unsupported mountain bike ride on the White Rim Trail in Utah, and a hike to Everest Base Camp, Nepal. Both encountered very unseasonable storms and hail, a run of bad luck he hopes won’t continue for the row.