Atlantic Ambition
Ewan Bell

You’ve been described as the skipper. How are you coping with the position?

It’s very much a team effort to be fair, I’m essentially skipper purely because I was the person who suggested we row the Atlantic to begin with. In fact ocean rowing is probably the ultimate team sport in that every member of the team has to quite literally pull their own weight in order for us to succeed. That said I will be on my best behaviour at sea to avoid any potential mutinies!

Is it true you get seasick? (If so, how will you cope out on the water)

Unfortunately for me that is true, so I’m expecting a real baptism of fire for the first week or two of the crossing. I’ll be raiding the local pharmacy before we leave for anything that might help. I did also read that lying in a hammock can help seasickness but I’m not sure the rest of the crew will be overly keen for me to try and string a hammock up between the two cabins on the boat.

How did your parents react to the challenge?

A bit of a mixed bag. My dad thought it sounded like an exciting adventure, whereas my mum (when she finally realized that it wasn’t a bad joke that I was making) said it was a ridiculous idea. She was also quick to point out that I have never rowed before and have about as much directional sense as a headless chicken …what could possibly go wrong?!