Atlantic Ambition
James Protherough

What will the crew most enjoy about spending 40 days with you?

That’s a tricky one as I would probably consider myself as the person with the most potential to annoy people with my lack of tidiness. However, with a strict training programme I hope to have this under control, the team will be free to enjoy my witty personality and positive attitude when times get hard.

How do you think you will cope in an emergency?

I guess this is something you only know when you are in, which to this day I have not yet been in, however, I would like to think my calm and practical nature would be of some benefit. Thankfully, before entering the race we have to go on a number of courses which will teach us how to act in emergency situations.

What food will you miss the most on the trip?

I do not think I will miss a particular food item, although missing Christmas dinner will be a real shame!