Atlantic Ambition

Ways You Can Help Us....

 We are aiming to raise a total of £200,000 for our charities, each of them chosen for reasons close the rowers’ hearts. However, in order to get us to the start line, operational costs of close to £100,000 will also need to be raised to organize the boat, on-board equipment, insurance policies and courses necessary to complete such a risky endeavor. As such, we are relying on both corporate sponsorship, and the depth of our friend's pockets to assist us to reach this mammoth goal. Naturally, equipment remaining after the completion of the journey will be sold on, to ensure our charities get the most benefit, and not a penny is wasted.


Donate Directly to Atlantic Ambition or join the exclusive 250 club

our contribution will go directly to getting to the start line, allowing us to raise as much as possible for our charities!

Donate directly to one of our great causes

Choose from one of our 4 charities and donate directly their cause

Become an Official Team Partner

If you own a business and would like to take advantage of the publicity and media exposure of this huge challenge, we have a number of corporate sponsorship packages available

  • PR reach to more than 3 billion people globally
  • Over 2,50 individual pieces of new coverage in over 40 countries
  • Social media reach of 20.1 million people
  • The various race documentaries notched over 80 million views